• 3rd Sunday at 2:30 pm
    Landmark Lodge #93
    2401 N. Albany Ave.
    Tampa, FL 33607

    Business Mailing Address
    P.O. Box 5315
    Tampa, FL 33675

  • Harram Temple No. 23 - Divan Meeting – March 14, 2018

  • Harram Temple No. 23 - Temple Meeting - March 18, 2018

Harram Temple No. 23

Past Potentates

2017   HPIP Lesley "Les" Miller, Jr.   
2016   Andrew R. Bennett   
2014-2015   Tony Downing   
1973-1974   Thomas Smith
2012-2013   Byron "Shaka" Johnson   
1975-1976   Nathan Brown
2010-2011   Ronnie "Shy Bro" Souter   
1971-1972   Joseph A. Henry
2008-2009   Dwayne "Cool Daddy" Jones   
1969-1970   Harold Clark
2006-2007   Michael "Road Dawg" Dozier   
1967-1968   Curtis Sams
2005   George Wallace III.   
1964-1966   James L. McFadden
2003-2004   Nathaniel M. Walker   
1963   Joseph A. Henry
2002   Johnnie L. Campbell   
1962   Theodore R. Montgomery
2000-2001   Elliott Pyles   
1961   Willie L. James
1999   Warren Davis   
1960   Preston Rainey
1998   Robert J. Godfrey   
1958-1959   Daniel Webster
1996-1997   Eric R. Myers, Atty.   
1957   Thomas Smith
1994-1995   Watts Sanderson, Jr.   
1955-1956   James L. McFadden
1993   Raymond W. Witherspoon   
1952-1954   Willie N. Tarpley
1991-1992   Earl Haugabook   
1942-1951   Daniel Webster
1989-1990   Freddie Whitehead   
1941   A. N. Nelson
1987-1988   Samuel Cannon   
1928-1933   Peter Johnson
1985-1986   Clarence Gaines   
1927   R. R. Williams
1983-1984   Willie Forte   
1926   Peter Johnson
1981-1982   Carl W. Thompson   
1923-1925   W. M. Mims
1979-1980   James Brown   
1921   John Hall
1977-1978   Charlie Jones   
1914-1915    Rev. J. B. Green

Legion of Honor Members

HPP Johnny S. Banks
PP Andrew Bennet
HPIP Lawrence "LC" Caldwell  
HPP Maurice Cheatham
PP Tony Downing
HPIP Michael Dozier
PP Clarence Gaines
Noble Bernard Gray
HPIP Earl Haugabook
HPP Thomas Hinson, Jr.
Noble Johnnie D. HiSmith, Jr.
PP Dwayne Jones
Noble Alejandero Kelly
Noble Steven L. Lawson
HPIP Lesley "Les" Miller
PP Judge Eric R. Myers
Noble Belton Moody
HPP David L. Northern, Jr.
PP Elliott E. Pyles
HPP Phillip A. Robinson
HPP Dwight Reynolds
HPP Henry Segar
HPIP Elmer Stevenson
PP Ronnie C. Souter
HPP Darrell T. Thomas
PP George Wallace, III
Noble Alvin E. Walker
HPIP Freddie L. Whitehead

2017 - 2018 Nobles

Noble Telly S. Anthony
Noble Clayborn R, Armstrong
Noble David Bailey
Noble HPP Johnnie S. Banks
Noble Michael Bell
Noble PP Andrew Bennett
Noble Russell B. Berry
Noble Adrian M. Blount
Noble Marc Brewington
Noble John Brown Jr.
Noble Oris M Broxton
Noble Darrious C. Bryant
Noble Jarvis A. Bunts
Noble Mack Burton
Noble HPIP L.C. Caldwell
Noble Johnnie Campbell
Noble James M. Carter
Noble HPP Danny M. Cheatham  
Noble Thomas Chiclana
Noble Louis Cortez
Noble Terrence Cottmon
Noble Babatunji O. Croom
Noble Erik D. Curry
Noble Corey Daniels
Noble Larry L. Daniels, Sr.
Noble Michael R. Dean
Noble Terrance G. Dennis
Noble PP Tony D. Downing
Noble HPIP Michael Dozier
Noble Lawerence Evans
Noble Elgin Franklin
Noble Michael Fullton
Noble Clarence Gaines
Noble Derrick M. Gaiter
Noble James L. Gallon
Noble Darren R. Gambrell
Noble Billy Graham
Noble Bernard A. Gray
Noble Josiah J Gumbs
Noble Jerome L. Guerrant
Noble William P. Harrell, Jr.
Noble Levian G. Hall
Noble James A. Ham Sr.
Noble HPIP Earl Haugabook
Noble HPP Thomas Hinson, Jr.
Noble Johnnie D. Hismith, II
Noble Anthony S. Holloway
Noble James Holmes
Noble Frank E. Hunter
Noble Arthur L. Jacobs
Noble Chad L. James
Noble PP Byron K. Johnson
Noble Robert Johnson
Noble Anthony E. Jones
Noble Bernard L. Jones
Noble PP Dwayne Jones
Noble Bernard R. Jordan
Noble Adrewn E. Joseph
Noble Melvin A. Kennerly

Noble Alejandro Kelly
Noble Jerry Key
Noble Tarence A. Kinsey
Noble Freddie Lamar
Noble James Lane
Noble Steven Lawson
Noble Charles Luck
Noble Michael McKoy
Noble Lesley Miller, Jr.
Noble Lesley J. Miller, III
Noble Anthony D. Minor
Noble Belton Moody
Noble PP Eric R. Myers
Noble Michael Nichols
Noble David L. Northern Jr
Noble Dexter J. Pershe
Noble Jaime Perez
Noble Tobias J. Platts
Noble Eddie Pringle
Noble PP Elliot E. Pyles
Noble Julius A. Ray II
Noble Michael Reed
Noble HPP Dwight G. Reynolds
Noble Anthony Robinson
Noble HPP Phillip A. Robinson
Noble Raymond J. Robinson
Noble Willie C. Robinson
Noble Ferman Sams
Noble Foster Scotland
Noble Darryl Scott
Noble Robert R. Scott Sr.
Noble Henry W. Segar
Noble James E. Shaw
Noble Donald J. Skillman
Noble Manuel Skyes
Noble Billy M. Smith
Noble HPP Keith Smith
Noble PP Ronnie C. Souter
Noble Charles C. Spencer Sr.
Noble Gregory C. Stephens
Noble HPIP Elmer Stevenson
Noble Richard Stewart
Noble Alvis D. Summers
Noble Daniel E. Tate
Noble Darrell T. Thomas
Noble Parris Thomas
Noble Jondexter Toombs
Noble John L. Tucker
Noble Alvin Walker
Noble PP George Wallace III
Noble Leonard White
Noble HPIP Freddie L. Whitehead
Noble Freddie L. Whitehead Jr.
Noble Donald Williams
Noble Steven B. Wilson, Sr.
Noble HPIP Raymond E. Witherspoon
Noble HPP Dolan Yates
Noble Cornelious Bobo

Honorary Members

PP Michael Bailey #143
PP Frank Barnes #143
PP Felton Cambric #67
PP Alexander Carter #69
PP John T. Chapman #1
HPIP Ronald Dickens #213
PP Carl Finerson #143
PP Granville Ford #92
PP McArthur Gordon #149
PP Jeffrey Jones #69
PP Lynwood Loper #143
         HPIP Billy D. McLamb #182
PP James Minus #67
PP William Patterson #24
PP Edward Rich #69
PP Marvin Richardson #67
PP Pierre Rutledge #149
PP Rodney Sanders #149
PP Anthony Stafford #69
PP Oliver Washington, Jr. #165
PP Walter West #67
PP Ronald Williams #63